Maintenance Manager - Food Mfr

Growing food manufacturer is looking to add a maintenance manager to their team.

1. Technical Responsibilities
o Scope of duties includes the Label & Case maintenance operations involving Mechanical, Electrical and Process Control Operations.
o This includes all operations and maintenance on equipment including Whallon unloaders, Krones labeling machines, Thiele casing equipment, Standard-Knapp bundling and casing equipment and palletizer machines.
o Also to ensure the Label and Case equipment, and auxiliary equipment are serviced and maintained to an acceptable standard by way of equipment audit, spare part rationalization and the implementation of critical manufacturing equipment preventive maintenance procedures and review plans for efficiency and reliability of the facilities operating plant.
o Ensure all preventive maintenance activities are completed on time following all technical and safety procedures.
o Program HMI logics and change electrical cards on logic PLC systems.
o Identify possible capital projects:
improvement or rebuild projects to minimize downtime or increase equipment reliability or time between failures.
o Create work instructions and train the staff.
o Improve process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standards.
o Research and purchase new manufacturing technology.
o Work with equipment designers and manufacturers to develop a cost-effective and working production process.
o Ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.
o Analyze and troubleshoot process problems so as to make continuous and permanent improvements.
2. Administrative Responsibilities
o Responsible for developing plans to implement general mechanical and electrical maintenance in both manpower and materials utilization.
o Manage the department human resources:
payroll, personal time off (PTO's), disciplinary actions.
o Ensure the computerized program to follow up Prevent Maintenance and Daily Corrective Maintenance activities is fully utilized, including the parts usage.
o Review the lines OEE, analyze the data and create reports to share with the maintenance team and management.
o Have weekly meetings with his staff to discuss OEE, projects, outstanding items, and down time trend.
o Create and follow up purchase orders requisitions.
o Ensure financial budgets are followed.
o Complete at least an annual assessment of every staff member skills and qualifications.
o Ensure that craft workers are qualified, and that the crew has the skills necessary, to perform the appropriate preventive and predictive maintenance tasks.
o Recommend training needs and personnel changes as far as schedule and/or salary rate.
o Responsible for the implementation of the companies' Safety policy, Quality Control policies and procedures as well as operational compliance in accordance with FDA, OSHA, HACCP and BRC regulations for packaging plant.
o Provide corrective actions for incident investigations and/or audits non-conformance observations.
o As part of the management team, the L&C Maintenance Manager has the responsibility of ensuring that all maintenance craft workers observe all environmental regulations. This includes ensuring appropriate documentation, work practices, and procedures.
3. Directs the maintenance work force and provides on-site expertise.
o Provide guidance to maintenance craft workers when working on an assignment and have questions or need clarification about how to perform a task.
o Responsible for making individual job assignments and tracking the progress of individual craft assignments.
o Ensure every task is completed without taking shortcuts that would affect the quality of the product and/or the GMP's or product safety compliance or the employee's safety.
o Verify that all left over materials and tools are return to the assigned place after the work is over.
o Responsibility to lead by example and encourage all craft workers to walk through production areas and all areas of their responsibilities throughout their shift.
o Responsibility to improve the preventive and predictive maintenance program constantly. This responsibility may range from improving the individual steps on a preventive maintenance task to implementing new technology for predictive maintenance.
o Establish a continuous improvement thinking
o Develop innovative solutions using Lean Manufacturing tools:
PDCA, 5 Why's, Root Causes Failure Analysis.
4. Ensures that work is accomplished in a safe and efficient manner.
o Responsible for seeing that each craft worker for whom he or she has responsibility works safely and is provided the information, tools, and direction to work efficiently.
o Ensure the JTA and work instructions or procedures have been discussed with every mechanic and we have on file a signed copy of it.
o Sources and prepares parts for use in repairs, W/O and PMs
5. Develops work planning and scheduling.
o Develops the work plans and schedules (preventive and corrective maintenance activities), ensuring that work plans are efficient and effective and that scheduling is accurate.
o Work plans for each weekend, and any capital projects must be updated weekly and turned in to the Production Maintenance Manager each week previous to discussion with the crew.
o Written Shutdown Schedules and plans are to be developed and turned in to the Production Manager 30 days before the shutdown, subject to last minute changes.
6. Ensures equipment availability is adequate to meet the production plan.
o Communication should be established and maintained with production to meet their availability needs.
o Participate on the daily supervisors meeting to ensure the communication within department flows.
o Maintain reliable and safe manufacturing systems while improving production rates, efficiencies, yields, costs and changeovers.
1. Leadership
2. Ability to delegate and influence positively in others
3. Basic budgeting skills
4. Computers (Excel, Word, Outlook)
5. Good communication with people at all levels.
6. Organization
7. Project management
8. Time management
9. PLC troubleshooting
10. Experience with VFD's, conveyors, pneumatics, pumps, gearboxes, servos and relays
Desirable Qualifications
1. Lean Manufacturing practice:
5S, TPM, Kaizen, Continuous
2. Team building courses
3. Experience with Krones labelers, Traypackers and bundle machines (Thielle, Standard Knapp) and automatic palletizers (Alvey).
Minimum Job Qualifications
o Bachelor's degree (B. S.) in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or related field from four-year college or university with 3+ years of relevant industry experience and/or training.
o Excellent communication (written and verbal) and personal interaction skills.
o Proven ability to work hands-on in a fast-paced environment.
o Proven ability to multi-task, prioritizes projects, and maintains timelines.
o Flexibility in a changing environment.
o Detail oriented and organized.
o Minimum 5 years' experience at a manager or supervisor level.
o Excellent verbal/written communication skills.
o Microsoft Office skills.

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